2010 Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic

What a great turnout!

We figure over 50 people as perhaps as many dogs had a great time at this years picinic. We had our highest Cardi-count ever (6 9!) as well as our usual not-a-Corgi representatives.

I was a little too busy manning the barbecue, but I was able to take a few photos – here’s the primary venue at roughly the peak of the afternoon:

Corgi Picnic Patio

I’ve got just a couple more venue pictures up on Flickr.

More Photos:

The auction, you ask?


That’s $1,310 on site (plus some who weren’t able to make it but did designate for the event) plus the $1,000 match.

Even without the match it was a record setting day for the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to everyone who came and donated and bid and had fun.

It was a great time!