Local Breeders?

Kathy and I aren’t breeders. I (somewhat) jokingly refer to us as “collectors” of Corgis.

However people do ask… so here’s the information that I share:

All our dogs have come from Brookehaven Corgis. We just can’t say enough good things. While she doesn’t always have pups or dogs available, drop her a line – she’s also typically on top of which of the better breeders in the area might have something available.

I’d also encourage you to consider rescue. Mary Day (she’s listed here) is the Pembroke rescue coordinator. I don’t have a contact right now for Cardies.

The next best resources I can point you at are the club sites for the two breeds:

Both have a lot of information about their respective breeds as well as contact information for member breeders.

My only strong advice to you is this: take your time. Getting the right dog for you – which a good breeder will be more than happy to help you with – is way more important than “I need a dog right now” – which, sadly, many less-than-stellar breeders will be ready to take advantage of.

Best of luck!