2014 Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic

150+ People and Dogs!

It was a blast! Overwhelming, perhaps, but a great time.

And the final count: $2,262 was raised for Corgiaid. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed.


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Thanks again everyone!!!

Leo & Kathy
Dagmar, Sammie and Chester


Save the date!

Saturday, August 2, 2014
from noon until we’re tired

ChesterThat’s the next Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic at the home of Leo & Kathy Notenboom (or, rather, Dagmar, Sammie and Chester Notenboom) in the Hollywood Hill area of Woodinville (a suburb of Seattle).

Please keep reading for RSVP and very important information about directions.

For those not familiar with the event, for around 15 years now we’ve opened our acre+ fenced yard to all Corgwyn willing to make the trek. All Corgis, their not-a-Corgi guests as well as their humans are invited. As always, all must be well behaved and play well with others – humans and Corgis alike.

Last year we had an estimated 120 attendees – that’s 120 people and as many dogs running around our back yard. It was awesome!

This year we expect similar numbers.

RSVP: If you plan to come please let us know by July 28th by emailing leo <at> with the number of people and dogs you expect to bring (Corgis-R-Us group members can RSVP on the site). This will let us be a little more prepared in terms of food & beverages on-hand. (Thinking of bringing something? Please keep reading.)  Also be sure to get on one of the announcement lists which you’ll find on the home page.

Auction: there will be no auction this year. See below.

Parking: Parking will be in what we refer to as our “back pasture”, which is behind the house to the east. There will be signs.

DIRECTIONS: If you’ve not been here before PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me for directions – I cannot stress this enough. I do not post them publicly, and I always get a few last minute “I’m lost” or “How do I get there?” questions. I do this on purpose, both for a little privacy, and because the address is not enough – several GPS/mapping services steer you wrong – so I want to provide you with information and directions that will actually get you here. Email leo <at> for directions.


Two changes to this year’s proceedings:

There will be no auction. It’s a bit of work, so we’re taking the year off and basically “paying for our freedom” with a check to CorgiAid instead. We’d encourage all attendees to do the same, and in that spirit we’ll have a donation jar: a $10 per person donation to CorgiAid is requested, and naturally larger donations would be most gratefully accepted.

Burgers & Leo will be replaced by … trained professionals! This year we’re very happy to announce that the picnic will be catered by DogFather catering. This is an exciting change for us that we’re really looking forward to. (OK, Leo’s looking forward to being able to mingle this year.)

Feel free to bring a side-dish or snacks (though an extra donation to CorgiAid would be just as welcome 🙂 ). There is one simple rule: you must take your leftovers with you. (OK a second rule: expect Corgi-thievery – so don’t bring something that would easily make the dogs sick.)


  • Where: Leo & Kathy’s home in Woodinville, WA
  • When: August 2, 2014
  • Why: because we can!
  • Cost: nothing! nada! zip! (But a $10+ per person donation to CorgiAid is requested)

Click for last year’s picnic summary and photos (including the local news website).

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